ROLL CALL – Friends of Camp Hearne

Roll Call – Friends Of Camp Hearne is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and commemorating information about historic Camp Hearne, the former prisoner of war camp located in Hearne, Robertson County, Texas.

The purpose of the federal/state historic Camp Hearne site is the identification, protection, preservation, and interpretation of the history of Camp Hearne, its archaeological sites, and its bearing on the wartime participation of servicemen and citizens in the United States.

Here are some of our specific goals:

  • Identifying local residents who were employed at Camp Hearne, utilized the camp’s prisoners, or who were familiar with the camp’s activities who are willing to be interviewed for the Camp Hearne Oral History Project.
  • Sharing photographs, artifacts, correspondence, and other memorabilia relating to Camp Hearne.
  • Identifying potential private and public funding sources and drafting customized grant proposals for different Camp Hearne-related projects.
  • Translating website content, correspondence, and media outreaches from English into German.
  • Surveying section ZA of the Fort Sam Houston Cemetery in San Antonio to locate the names of prisoners who died while confined at Camp Hearne and other Texas POW camps.
  • Helping with website and computer tasks, like setting up a Camp Hearne bulletin board for visitors to post messages relating to the camp and creating a list-serve (online mailing list) so people interested in Camp Hearne can be alerted to the latest developments.
  • Identifying former German, Austria, and other prisoners of war who were interned at Camp Hearne who are willing to be interviewed for the Camp Hearne Oral History Project.
  • Locating and preserving newspaper, magazine, radio, and television interviews and articles relating to Camp Hearne.
  • Helping with the Camp Hearne public relations outreach through the drafting of press releases and other media materials for dissemination in central Texas as well as throughout Germany.
  • Researching local newspaper archives to identify and collect articles written about Camp Hearne during its operation from 1943 – 1947.
  • Engaging local civic, fraternal, veterans, patriotic, historic, religious, women’s, men’s, and other public-spirited organizations to assist Roll Call in its Camp Hearne efforts.
  • Helping develop innovative and exciting fund raising activities that will allow people of all ages and walks of life to become involved in Camp Hearne’s preservation.